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Link Building

The process of creating backlinks to your site is known as Link building. It is more essentially “backlink building”. If any other site on the world wide web provides a link to your website then this is termed as a backlink. The more the backlinks, the more the popular is your site. This process of building backlinks to your website is known as “link building”. 

Methods of Link Building

Link building is a continuous effort and must keep going. There are several methods of link building and these are discussed below:-

Directory Submission

The most basic method of building backlinks to your website is directory submission. If your website is new, you should start with directory submission as these are some of the easiest ways to obtain backlinks. But, you must understand most of the directories offer FFA links a.k.a Free for All links and these FFA links are not considered quality backlinks. Hence, the best way is to get backlinks from quality and relevant web directories. You must try to get your site listed on local directories as these are the most effective from Seo point of view.

Article Submission

There are several article directories in the web like ezine, Articlesbase, exploreb2b, articlesalley etc. These are some of the quality article directories where you can submit original articles. The method is simple, you submit a quality article to the article directory and then put a backlink to your site from the article itself or from the author area. In this way, you start getting backlinks to your website. Make sure to submit original content for every article you submit or else your account may get closed for spamming. 

Social Bookmarking

After the recent Google updates, this method of creating backlinks has got a new shape. In this method, you submit your site URLs on popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Diigo, jump tags, Misterwong etc.


One of the most effective ways of getting a backlink is through blogging. There are several websites like blogger, WordPress, blogfa, Weebly, SOS blog etc which provides you a free blog. You can use these services to create a blog related to your niche and update in on a daily basis. You can put backlinks on the sidebar or take contextual links from your blog. Do not spam the blog by adding duplicate content or rewritten content, make it unique and informative. Use your creativity and provide some useful stuff for your audience. In this way, the chances of getting a backlink would increase.

Getting Links from Business Partners

If your business is having a whole lot of business partners who are taking services from you then you can take a backlink from them. In this way, you would be able to get relevant links pointing to your site.

Get Links from Squidoo, Hubpages and Wikis

The web has so much to offer to you! There are several websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Wikispaces etc where you can write informative content and in return link back to your website. These websites share a good reputation with the search engines and your website is definitely going to be benefitted from these. But remember, getting a backlink is not that easy. If you are thinking to paste duplicate content on these sites and get a backlink then you would be disappointed. So please post unique content and make web a better place.

Writing Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get quality and relevant links to your site. Several websites and blogs offer a guest post option where you can submit your own articles and may put links to your website from the author bio.

Sponsor some events

Taking a sponsorship is another useful link building technique. As a good businessman, you may sponsor some events related to your industry and may ask for a backlink in return.

Increase your social media influence

Apart from social media bookmarking, there are a whole lot of stuff which you can do. Getting more likes to your Facebook page, getting more twitter followers, sharing useful stuff on these accounts with the backlink to your site. Other websites whose power you can use for both backlink and get direct visitors are, create debate etc.

Create a free widget

You can create a free widget for your audience. Often these widgets are loved by the users and they display them on their website. In this process, they link back to your site. This is a thumbs up method of link building.

Buy Backlinks from Directories

This would cost you some money but it is worth spending. Getting a backlink from Yahoo directory is surely going to build trust and authority to your website. Some of the well-known directories where you can purchase a backlink are as follows:-

Yahoo Directory

Please note:- Building too many links this way may get your site penalized.

Types of Link Building

The process of link building can be divided into 3 types and these are discussed below:-

One way link building

This is the most important type of link and is the most harder to obtain. If any site on the web is pointing back to your site without asking for any link in return then it is called as one-way link building.


Site A points to B, C, D, E etc. 

Two way or Reciprocal link building

Under this type of link building, two similar (websites belonging to the same category) web sites exchange links with each other. The concept is “You point to me and I will point to you”. This type of mutual link building is the most common type of link building and is the most easier to obtain. This method has become outdated and is no longer followed.


Site A points to B and in return Site B points to A.

Three way link building

Under this method, a site links to your website in return for a link that is placed on a third website.



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