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Image Optimization

Image Optimization is one of the most overlooked aspects of search engine optimization. We need to understand the need for proper image optimization in order to increase search engine visibility. Image Optimization is a technique which reduces the file size of the image without hampering its quality and adds proper tags and file name to the image in order to increase its relevance. 

Image Optimization
Image Optimization (Image source:- Cyberkap)
How to do Image Optimization ?

Image Optimization primary deals with reducing the size of the image file so you need to save your image file for the web while creating an image on photoshop. While saving the image, go to the file menu and choose save for the web. If you are finding it difficult to do this way then there are several online tools which could help you in reducing the file size of the image. These tools are provided in the coming sections. While saving the file, give it a proper name. For example, if the image is of a Tiger then keep the name of the file “Tiger” and not “o1”,”w02”,”web1”,”t1” etc. Another thing to remember is to use proper alt text while defining the image. In this example you should use “Tiger” as an alt tag.

<img src="yourimage.gif" alt="Tiger" height="56" width="56" />

Also use proper anchor text while linking to the image.

Tools for Image Optimization

Advantages of Image Optimization

Image Optimization is necessary as it helps to reduce the loading time of the site and also helps to utilize the available bandwidth. File size reduction helps us to achieve that. It is useful from Seo point of view as sites that load faster are considered better for the user by the searchengines. It also helps the search engine robots to identify the image with the help of the alt tags as the robots are unable to read the image.

Please Note:- Use only proper alt tags and do not spam it.

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Anita Mehta said…
Can i use the same alt tag for similar kind of images irrespective of the number of images??? Suppose i am uploading 5 similar images in a single post, can i give same alt tag to all the images??
Hi Anita,
Thanks for the comment. If you want the search engine crawlers to identify that your images are duplicate then you may use it, otherwise not.