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SEO Analysis

How to Analyze a Website for SEO?

A professional Search Engine Optimizer must use his skills to look out for points in a website that helps him/her to judge the quality of the website as per the Seo terms. A successful analysis of the website helps us to know about the shortcomings of the website. Based on these shortcomings, a professional Seo can guide you to make your website more search engine friendly and may give you the solution on how to overcome these shortcomings.

  • Analyze the domain details of the website. The domain age, the domain name and the domain extension.
  • Analyze the website so that it meets the standards compliance as provided by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
  • Analyze the website for any black hat Seo methods used such as hidden text, hidden links, cloaking, content duplication etc.
  • Analyze on page factors such as the title tag, description tag, keyword tag, heading tag, bold tag, alt text etc.
  • Analyze the Robots Meta tag directives.
  • Analyzing the url of the web page to make it more search engine friendly.
  • Analyzing the internal linking structure of the website so that the required anchor text can be used where required. Look for site wide links.
  • Analyzing the status of the website on search engines. Check for the number of indexed pages, the number of backlinks, the crawl date etc.
  • Analyzing the status of the website on popular social media websites, social networking websites, web directories etc.
  • Analyzing the page rank, Alexa rank and the Compete rank for better results.
  • Analyzing the competitors to have an idea of the amount of Seo work which needs to be done.