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Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Backlink importance
Importance of Backlinks in SEO (Image source:- queltraining)
Backlinks are the most important factor in search engine optimization. Search engines judge the reputation of a website with the help of backlinks . The more backlinks it finds to a website (also considering the authority factor), the more it considers it to be popular enough to give it good rankings. Google and all the other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing takes into consideration this vital factor of ranking web pages on the World Wide Web. Sites that constantly rank higher on search engines have lots and lots of backlinks pointing to their website.

Anchor Text and Backlinks

When any other website links back to your site, it is termed as a backlink and the text used to create an hyperlink is known as anchor text. Anchor text holds value for a website. Diversity and relevancy in anchor text helps a website to get good rankings.

Diversity in Anchor Text

When you are creating backlinks for your website, it is better to use several different variations of anchor text as it helps to build a natural backlink profile. The words used in the title tag and H1 tag are extremely useful in finding out the anchor text. People often use the words used in the title tag or the H1 tag or the domain to create the specified anchor text when linking to ny web document. Hence, you must use these areas effectively. This would help you to get variations in your anchor text. Instead of using only the keywords, think of the words that would help the user to click on your web link.

 Relevancy in Anchor Text

Anchor text must also be relevant enough to get the full credit that search engines provide to a backlink. The page that is linked to from any website must use proper and relevant anchor text to create a link. For example if the webpage is of  butter cookies then it must use anchor text relevancy such as “butter cookies” , “how to make butter cookies” , “best butter cookies” , “delicious butter cookies”, “Cookies with Butter” etc. In these variations, the words “Butter and Cookies” are extremely relevant for the webpage; hence these words must be present in the achor text while creating backlinks. It is therefore necessary to use keywords such as “Butter Cookies “ in the title tag, file name, H1 tag etc.

Some important points:-

# You must check your competitor’s backlinks and analyze it from time to time in order to get an idea of the kind of links your competitor is having and the work that needs to be done in order to defeat your competitor in the rankings.

# You must use backlink checker tools such as backlink watch, link diagnosis, open site explorer etc to analyze backlinks.

# No matter how relevant your content is, your website has little chances to rank on search engines if it’s not having backlinks.

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