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Are You Making Your Website Vulnerable to Future Google Updates?

Google is a smarter search engine and has some of the world's best brains working for it.It's not easier for you to rank well on google just by following short term search engine optimization strategies. The best approach is keep an eye on the webmaster guidelines and follow them wisely. This is the only way you can keep your website safe from the animals of Google- Panda, Penguin etc.
Play Google Safely (Image credit:- journalstone)

Are you following the old hat seo strategies that is making your website vulnerable to future ranking algorithm updates?

Review the points shared below:-

Building too many backlinks from same domain

If you are completely relying on just one domain to get the bulk of backlinks then its time to change your strategy. Getting lots of backlinks via site wide links or footer links would not benefit your site in the long run. Try to have backlinks from varieties of domains which are spread across various DA and PR's. Get a complete natural link profile and do not leave any footprints.

Leaving your brand behind while planning your strategies

Many online marketers make the costly mistake of leaving their brands behind while planning seo strategies. It is the best way to choose keywords that promotes your brand at the front level. You must always use citations,reference which includes your brand name.

Excessive use of similar anchor text

Repeating the same anchor text again and again makes your site look spammy as naturally prople use different anchor texts while linking to a website. You need to follow the same natural strategy while linking to your web pages. The Penguin update targeted this practice of the webmasters which made them suffer a lot.

Using Duplicate content

Duplicate content is a complete no from Google's side so using copied content for short term purposes is not going to benefit your website. Always use original content that benefits your audience. 

Using lots of pages having similar content

Now it's time to remove all those similar content pages from your website or else Google might penalize your website for having too many similar content pages.

Using lots of unnecessary anchor text from the home page

Many webmasters are still using too many anchor text links from the home page. Its suggested to keep the important ones and remove the unnecessary ones. Always keep the user in mind while keeping the best links. This would help in making your website look more genuine and user friendly.

Leaving the user behind and focusing on the search engines

Too much focus on search engines may ruin your prospects of good ranking. Recommended strategy is to focus on the user and make changes into your website keeping the user in mind. It's alright to have proper meta data and other search engine requirements but overdoing these may make your site vulnerable to future updates.

Last but not the least, follow Google Webmaster Guidelines

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