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Why Brand Matters in SEO?

Wiser people have always said, plan your strategy for long term and promote your brand accordingly. A brand owns trust and reputation and these are the things which the search engines value the most. Search engine optimization now revolves around brand building. You must ask these questions to yourself before you start promoting your site on the search engines:-

1- Am I building my brand and enhancing its reputation on Google?
2- Am I building backlinks using branded keywords?
3- Are people searching with my brand name?
4- Do I have our brand presence on popular social media channels?
5- Is my site valuable enough to own a Wikipedia page related to our brand?
6- Do people trust my website while making online purchases?
7- Do people trust the information contained in my site?
8- How many people share the site's content on social media channels?
9- Do I have citations involving my brand name?
10- Is my brand popular locally or internationally?

Have a look at this awesome infographic mentioning the value of Brand building in SEO.

Google Brands.
Courtesy: SEO Book

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Anonymous said…
Awesome Infographic. thanx for share it