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Location Relevance System and Relevancy Score to Power Local Search Results

Google has been recently granted a patent focusing on powering local search results with respect to relevancy scores determined by the location of the user. This patent would help the user to be presented with more relevant search results based on the physical location of the user and the search category. A category-location relevance score is based on a plurality of category-entity-location relevance scores for a plurality of entities associated with the category at the location. This score determines which result is the most relevant for the user.

relevancy score summary

Location Relevancy System

An algorithm working to compute relevancy scores with respect to category in various prominent locations. For example, an user located in an area surrounded by restaurants is more likely to be interested in knowing about restaurants rather than theme parks. This leads to a particular relevancy score presented to every restaurants in the area. The system approximates the score using the pre-computed relevance score of one of the prominent locations and a physical distance between the prominent location and the other location.The best restaurant is presented before the user based on the computed relevancy score. Hence, relevancy system determines what the user is interested in knowing and this patent also works to present relevant ads to the user based on the physical location.

relevancy score summary

Inventors:Lewis; Matt (Oxford, GB)

Lewis; Matt



Assignee:Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) 
Appl. No.:12/969,933
Filed:December 16, 2010

Source:- Determining relevance scores for locations  

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