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SEO Misconception - It's not necessary that Google Implements Every Patent in Search Technology!

Matt Cutts has revealed the fact that most of the SEO's hold true regarding Google's Patents. He reflected his views in a video that its not at all necessary that Google uses the technology same as it is as it has been described in the patent.  Hence, it must not be taken as a golden seo rule that Google follows each and every pattern discussed in Google Patents. Have a look at the video of Matt Cutts revealing the SEO misconception-

Here are some of the Google Patents discussed in Seosandwitch:-

Location Relevance System and Relevancy Score to Power Local Search Results
Google Patent to Identify Erroneous Business Listings
Google to Use Accent Information While Processing Voice Queries
Google Granted Patent for Detecting Hidden Texts and Hidden Links
New Google Patent to Identify Spam in Information Collected From a Source
Google Patent Named Ranking Documents to Penalize Spammers

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