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51 Secrets You Didn’t Knew About Google!

Google is the world's largest and most loved search engine providing accurate results to its users. However, Google is much more beyond that. There are several unexplored and unrevealed secrets about Google which most people do not know. What are these secrets? Find out the 51 lesser known secrets about Google search engine below: 

 1-     Google makes around 550 plus search ranking algorithm improvements every year. This number is huge and indicates that Google makes around 1-2 improvements every day!(Source-

2-     Google has constructed floating data centers by signing confidentiality agreements with the US government. These datacenters are built off the coasts of California. (Source-

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3-     Google is slowly moving into creating robots. Android founder Andy Rubin has been made its founder. (Source:

4-     Google’s special self driving cars have successfully covered more than 300,000 miles of time on the road. (Source:

5-     Project Loon, a product of Google X Labs plans to employ ballons at 60000 feet for providing internet access having speed similar to 3G networks. (Source:

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6-      Google organizes a weekly meeting by the name "TGIF" which stands for "Thank God, it's Friday!" where employees can put up direct questions to Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) or to some other senior executives. (Source:

7-      A google employee is known by the name "Noogler". (Source:

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8-      People working at Google are over qualified for their job. Amazed? The bar is set so high that even if you want to work on a low level profile at Google, you should have a high qualification like PHD. Good luck folks! (Source:

9-     Google indexes around 20 billion pages each day and these numbers are continuously increasing. (Source:

10-  Sharing office space is fun in Google. You can see around 3-4 people sharing the same cube for working or several Managers sharing the same office for their work. May be Google wants the employees to learn the lessons of sharing and caring. (Source:

11-  Google offers a variety of food and snacks for FREE to all their employees. But, if you are to reach for an unhealthy snack, then you will have to bend your body to reach for the snack. All the unhealthy snacks are harder to reach for and the healthier snacks are easier to reach. Good job big G! (Source:

12-  52 Electric or hybrid cars are always parked in GooglePlex in order to let their employees use them for FREE. The cars can be charged using an electric charger. The reason Google uses electric cars is to save energy consumption and to reduce its operating costs. Google has pledged to become the most energy efficient company in the world. (Source:

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13-   Google reimburses all the educational costs of their employees. The big G does not wants you to stop learning. (Source:

14-   Google allows searching using a predefined set of search operators which people seldom use. These operators can make the task of searching even easier than before.(Source:

15-   Google is improving its vocabulary and the users will now have to learn special set of vocabulary in order to communicate with Google. Some of the examples are, For searching something, say "Search for [chicken recipes]" where chicken recipes can be changes with any keyword of your choice. For saying something, say "Say [hi] in [Spanish]" where hi and Spanish can be changed accordingly. Whole list of vocabulary is available here:

16-   Google builds its own equipments that are super cheap in order to control costs and this is the biggest secret of their scalability. (Source:

17-   Panoramio by Google is a curated image world that allows you to see images uploaded by users in almost any location in the world map. Before visiting any place if you want to experience it in the form of images, Google's Panoramio is the secret weapon. (Source:

18-   Google has recently launched a service called Google Helpout where people can find experts on any field and get their work done for them. (Source:

19-   You can make Google look loopsided by entering the word "Askew" in the search field.

20-   Google loves barrel roll. Don't believe me? Just type in "Do a barrel roll" in the search field and see Google do a barrel roll for you.

21-   Google can melt! Yes, go on and type the words "Zerg Rush" in the search field and you will see all the search results getting melted by the letter "o". Simply amazing! Isn't it?

22-   Google can write a complete email for you. You just need to say "email Dad subject hi dad, I will be coming this month". All done! (Source:

23-   When Google was a small startup with 30 people in Palo Alto, they had accidently published their phone number on the website. Soon after they started receiving so many phone calls that they had to change their phone number! (Source:

24-   Google's workplace is known by the name "GooglePlex" and employees there can be seen pedalling around in their famous Google bicycles. Health and work, both is important for Google. (Source:

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25-   Android was not originally created by Google. It was founded by Andy Rubin in 2003 which was acquired by Google in 2005. (Source:

26-  The domain name 'Google' was a mispelled name. originally, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page had decided on the name "Googol" which means digit 1 followed by 100 zeros. However, when they were booking the domain name, they mispelled it to Google and hence the world's best search engine was named.

27-   Originally Google was known as "Backrub" when it was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. However, the founders decided to rename it later.

28-  On an average Google acquires one company every week. This has continued since 2010. "Merge and continue to grow big" is what Google thinks here.(Source:

29-   Google provides a chance to its employees to rate their manager by conducting surveys two times in a year. Managers needs to respect other employees and set clear goals in order to succeed with flying colors. (Source:

30-   Google Gravity allows you to experience Google searching providing a feeling of gravity less environment.(Source:

31-   Ever though what can be "the answer to life, the universe and everything"? Well, it equals to 42. Don't scratch your head, just go and type the words "the answer to life, the universe and everything" and see the results yourself. (Source:

32-   Google tells you the correct spelling of the words if you mispell a word in the search field but not always. Type "recursion" and Google returns the word "recursion" in the did you mean column. Heck, did you really made a mistake? (Source:

33-   You can ask Google to translate one word into another language. Just ask Google "translate apple to spanish" or "translate baby to Italian" etc. Google will quickly translate the words in the language of your choice.

34-  Chuck Norris jokes never grow old and Google cannot even find Chuck Norris. Let's play the game of hide and seek! Type in "find chuck norris" in the Google search box, click on "I am feeling lucky" and see what happens!

35-   If I ask you, "Which is the loneliest number?", you will surely get confused but Google won't. Google returns the answer one when we type "the loneliest number" in the search box.

36-   Feeling bored while working for long hours. Do not worry, you can play Atari Breakout any time on Google. Type in "Atari Breakout in the Google search box and move to image searches. Play the game!

37-   There was an image captured on Google Earth which looks quite disturbing. The image depicts a "a lake full of blood" outside Sadr city, Iraq. Still today, no one knows why the color of the lake is red as captured by Google Earth. (Source:

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38-  Have you ever found a search engine more easier to use than Google? I am sure you haven't. But, there are people in this world who find it hard to use Google and this is the reason a good percentage of people type in "how do you use Google". Just type in the first 4 words and first letter of the fifth word, you will see Google returning search query "how do you use Google".

39-  When the elections took place between Obama and Romney. People searched for the phrase "Romney Can't Win" and wrote about it on many sites and discussion forums. This gave rise to an embarrassing situation. When people searched the phrase "Romney can win", Google returned in "Did you mean" "Romney can't win"...phew! This was the power of people's opinion on World Wide Web and Obama eventually won that elections. (Source:

40-   The first Google Doodle was designed by Larry and Sergey Brin themselves. It was created to notify users that the are out for a weekend for the "Burning Man festival in Nevada". The main motive was to inform users that they are out of office. (Source:

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41-   A picture of first tweet sent by Google is given below: This says "I am feeling lucky" and the words "feeling lucky" are in binary numbers. (Source:

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42-   Google allows employees to bring dogs to office. (Source:

43-  Some of the biggest Google's failures includes Froogle (which later became Google product search), Google Wave (a shared space on the web which had too many bugs in it), Google QA (It was similar to Yahoo QA but the product was never able to defeat Yahoo QA and was eventually shut down, Well done Yahoo!) and Google Video (was created to compete with YouTube but users were not ready to leave YouTube amazing interface. At last, Google had to acquire YouTube in order to keep the loyal users). (Source:

44-   You can track the status of your package by directly entering the tracking number in Google. The mode of purchase should be electronic.

45-   Gmail is unable to recognize dots. Hence and are considered same and any email sent either of these will reach both of these addresses. (Source:

46-   The image below depicts the earliest Google. It provided an interface for searching Standford University documents, the alma mater of Google founders.

47-  Google recently launched Moto X, the world’s first self driving Smartphone. (Source:

48-  The “Did you mean” feature in Google almost doubled its search traffic.

49-  Google has a simple home page because Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had little knowledge of HTML. But, the simple design gained so much popularity that they never changed it.       

50-  In 1999, Larry and Sergey were willing to sell Google to Excite CEO, George Bell for under $1 million. However, Bell declined the offer and see where Google has reached now!

51- Google employs the largest network of translators in the world.

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