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5 Must Read Resources Related to Semantic Web

Seo is changing and Google is getting updated to semantic web. How well are you prepared for it? In order to get yourself prepared and take on the new SEO challenges related to semantic search, it is necessary that you keep yourself updated by visiting the resources specially related to semantic web.

This post shares the 5 best resources that you must read in order to keep yourself updated related to the technicalities of semantic web.

W3C Data Activity - The W3C home page for discussing about the data activity and building the web of data. - An ideal website sharing news and events related to semantic search. - A Wiki containing all the information related to semantic web. You can contribute to this Wiki and make it even more comprehensive.

Semantic Web Journal - A journal that shares excellent ways to share information in meaningful ways.

Semanticfocus - A blog dedicated to the community of semantic web enthusiasts.

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