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Here is What Google Did to Improve Bloggers Reputation- SEO's Must Read This!

Ever though how Google plans its inbound marketing strategy for a vast number of channels that it already operates besides the popular search engine. Recently, I came across an article published on discusses a presentation given by Google Ventures partner Rick Klau on improving the reputation of which was already lagging behind its competitors like Tumblr and Wordpress. This presentation was given a few years back but still it's important to know the real thoughts and basic ideas that work behind promoting a site positively.

There were 5 objectives that were put forth for improving the reputation of (Reputation of a site is related to its authority and authority is related to SEO)

1- Re-establish blogger's leadership by speaking at 3 industry events.
2- Coordinate Blogger's 10th birthday PR efforts.
3- ID and personally reach out to top XX blogger users.
4- Fix DMCA process, eliminate music blog takedowns.
5- Set up @blogger on Twitter and regularly participate in discussions.

All the 5 objectives outlined above for improving bloggers reputation was aimed at the users. It wasn't aimed at the search engines to force them to increase the popularity of blogger but instead it was aimed directly at the users. It is worth noting that Google was also planning to create a Twitter profile in order to discuss about its products and services with its users. Moreover, Google approached the top bloggers on their platform to use them for enhancing their overall popularity. Also, Google didn't left out the power of PR and presence in industry events.

The crux of this strategy is target the user, if the user follows your site, search engines would be forced to follow our site. After all your business bottom line will be improved by your users and not by any search engines. The main focus should always be kept on the user and you will never go wrong in your marketing strategy. 

Have a look at the full video here: