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6 Critical Web Metrics That Every SEO Must Understand and Analyze

The proper use of web analytics is important to determine the status of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that directly impacts the Return on Investment (ROI).

1- Visits and Visitors

Visits and visitors often confuses the webmasters. Technically, visits is the count of the number of sessions and visitors is the count of the number of unique browser visits.

2- Time on Page and Time on Site

Time on page is a measure of the total time that a user spends on the particular page and Time on site is the measure of the total time that any user spends on the entire site.

Time on Page is calculated by using the below formula:

Tp= P2-P1

Tp= Time on Page
P2= Time Stamp value of 2nd page
P1= Time Stamp value of 1st page

Similarly, Time on Site is calculated by the following formula:

Ts= Tp1+ Tp2+Tp3+Tpn


Ts= Time on site
Tp1= Time Spend on Page 1 (calculated using the above formula)
Tp2= Time Spend on Page 2
Tp3= Time Spend on Page 4

3- Bounce Rate

The percentage of exits that happens from the landing page is known as the bounce rate. It is one of the most important metrics to analyse because it directly determines how relevant your web pages are w.r.t. to the users query. A high bounce rate is a direct indication that a site is not performing well with the audience.

4- Exit Rate

The percentage of exits that happens from a particular landing page is known as the exit rate of that page. If the high conversion value pages have a high exit rate then its time to revamp your conversion optimization strategy.

5- Conversion Rate

The outcomes divided by the number of unique visitors determines the rate of conversion. The direct indication of a positive or a negative ROI is determined by the overall conversion rate of the site. A high conversion rate provides a higher ROI as opposed to a lower conversion rate.

6- Degree of User Engagement

The behavior flow is a great way to determine the degree and level of user engagement. It lets you get an idea about the top landing pages and the 1st and 2nd interactions which the visitors are making on your site.

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