Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Do Content Marketing in 2015? Will Videos and Podcasts Replace Text Content?

What should your ideal content marketing strategy in 2015? If your business is relying on text as the only content marketing strategy then you need to think again. I guess, other modes of content marketing like videos and podcasts might win the race.

As we move ahead, people would be investing lesser time reading content and instead will like to listen to it. Life is getting easier and we have technologies to work for us! Videos and Podcasts are those channels which people would love to spend time on. As marketers, if we are not leveraging the worth of video marketing and podcast marketing then we are completely going off the road in terms of content marketing for 2015.

Here are some points that you need to really figure out before you plan your content marketing strategy:

1- What is your ideal audience? 
2- In which digital channel are you receiving the maximum engagement? Is it Facebook, is it Twitter, is is YouTube or is it Pinterest? Figure out, what is it?
3- What is the demographic of your ideal audience?
4- Which piece of content has given you the maximum social shares? Ever wondered? Then check it out with BuzzSumo. 
5- Are you creating enough fat content that consists of infographics, videos, ebooks, white papers etc.
6- Is your strategy based on your goals? 
7- Are you planning content based on devices? If your audience is mobile then page load speed can become a critical factor. So, are you considering it?
8- Is your content adding value or just keywords?
9- Are you creating specialized content or general content? 
10- How does the content produced by you differs uniquely with that of your competitors? Or how does it adds more value than your competitors?
11- Is your content marketing strategy documented?
12- What is your budget and how do you plan for people to engage?
13- Are you also planning to measure content marketing ROI?
14- Having a blog generates over 60% of leads. Wow!! Are you seriously considering this?
15- Are you considering adding active content aka interactive content (polls and quizzes) rather than passive content? Active content leads to 70% more conversions as compared to passive content. 
16- Are you looking at the customer's life cycle and planning your strategy?
17- What will your brand ultimately achieve through content marketing?
18- Are you developing persona for your unique audiences?
19- Is user generated content (only experts please) a better way of generating content that receives maximum engagement?
20- Have you ever thought of including in person-events as your content marketing strategy

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