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70% of Mobile Searchers Call a Business Directly From Search Results - Introducing Call Only Campaigns in Adwords

Adwords is improving for the better. Considering the number of people using smartphones, there was a need of inclusion of direct CTA elements in the search results itself. Around 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results so how about creating call-only campaigns, a new and easy way for businesses to reach potential customers by prominently showing your phone number, business description and call button -- right when people are searching.

Instead of 2 step CTA - Have a 1 Step CTA

Enable people to reach your business directly via calls without needing to visit your site. Tailor your ads for phone calls with effective CTA text like “speak to a specialist today" or “call to make an appointment" to let people know they can easily reach your business. 

How to Create a Call Only Campaigns

Call only campaigns are for those businesses whose goal is to increase phone calls. With Call-only campaigns you can get people to click-to-call you straight from your ads. You can use the CPC bidding based on the value of a call to your business. These are currently available for the Search Network only.

To create your new campaign:

  1. Login to your adwords account.
  2. Go to the "Campaigns" tab and select Search Network only from the +Campaign drop-down menu.
  3. Name your campaign and choose the campaign type Call-only.
  4. Choose settings like Networks, Devices and Location targeting. 
  5. Click Save and continue.