Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Display Google Trusted Store Reviews in Adwords

Google Trusted Stores is a free certification program that helps both the buyers and the sellers. All Google qualified trusted stores are recognized with a badge that is displayed on their site and on Google Shopping. All the customers are offered free purchase protection by Google after making a purchase on their site, covering eligible orders up to $1,000.
In order to get trusted store reviews displayed as a review extension on your ads, your store needs to be approved for the Google Trusted Stores program and the Trusted Stores badge needs to get displayed on your site. In order to get approval for your store, you need to fulfill these store performance metrics - . If you have these criteria fulfilled then make use of the review extension as per the steps below in order to enable Google Trusted Stores status to display under your ads.

How to Set up a Google Trusted Store Review Extension?

1- Sign in to your AdWords account at
2- Click the Campaigns tab and choose the campaign you'd like to add the review to. Now, click the Ad extensions tab and choose review extensions from the drop down menu.
3- Click Account extension and then click the + Extension button.

6- To create a new review, click the + New review button at the bottom of the window and fill in the below fields:

Format: select “Paraphrased”

Text: this field must contain one of the approved items from below. Please use these quotes verbatim so as to match the policy requirements.

Excellent shopping experience
Recognized for excellent customer service
Shop with confidence
Reliable on-time delivery
Free purchase protection
Source: Google Trusted Stores
Source URL: this is the link to your Google Trusted Stores “Verify” page. You can find this by clicking the Google Trusted Stores badge on your site and copying the “Verify” link from the badge flyover.

7- Click Save and done.

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