Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to Get a High Paying PPC Job?

Well, you don’t necessarily require a lengthy resume, an advanced education or any hands-on experience to make an impact in the marketing field and get a highly paid PPC job. In fact, there is no need of a PPC degree. If you play your cards right, you can get your foot through the door with little to no professional experience.

Here are some tips which help you get your first big break in the PPC industry.

1. Be Visible & Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Numerous individuals apply for jobs in search advertising but produce resumes that do not involve any pointers for hiring managers to gauge and understand their experience and level of expertize.

At this point, over half the resumes might be rejected after a simple search is conducted in your resume for the keywords suitable to the PPC vacancies.

You will have a very limited chance to qualify for the next round if a hiring manager cannot find any information related to Google AdWords, PPC or search advertising in your CV.
Here is a basic step that you can follow to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  • Visit your LinkedIn profile and hit “Ctrl + f”. Enter the phrase “AdWords” or “PPC” or “Search Marketing” to observe how often these words show up in your profile. In case they do not appear at all in your profile, then you must add them.
  • You need to make certain that you have the best possible skills recorded on your LinkedIn profile and that they are highlighted correctly.

For example, if you are searching for PPC Jobs in Dubai, then the following skills must be included to ensure that your profile is not prematurely filtered out from the selection-process.

  • PPC
  • SEM
  • Google AdWords
  • Online Advertising
Finally, you need to approach individuals to support you for these skills. Once your endorsements reach a certain level, your links will endorse you automatically.

2. Apply for the Right Position

Be practical and look for entry-level positions. You will not possibly be the only go ahead candidate for these, but starting from the bottom will permit you to hone your marketing skills and learn from senior PPCers.

If you only try for intermediate positions, you’ll face fierce competition and your chance of getting hired will be slim to none.

3. Master the PPC Advertising

Another essential thing to do is to join a PPC training course that helps you to get theoretical as well as practical knowledge of PPC advertising. You also have to master PPC by having an hands-on experience in various industries. Follow the steps mentioned below so as to get started on your PPC career and raise your chances of getting a high paying PPC job:

  • Practice as much as possible by creating a dummy account.
  • Have a deep knowledge of keywords, ads and landing pages.
  • Connect yourself with an agency that helps you work on real projects.
  • Learn optimization methods to optimize spending.
  • Understand how a sales funnel works.
  • Learn the various types of reporting.
  • Update yourself regularly on the latest marketing trends.

4. Mingle With the Experts

There is plenty of PPC content available online, so enroll yourself and begin with SEM blogs, live chats, and webinars. When involved in paid search, you should make use of a Feedly account in order to stay on top of industry news. This account enables you to familiarize yourself with the various new strategies and vocabulary that will intensify your overall knowledge of the field. Some of my favourites are Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and PPC Hero.

Also constantly update yourself on new techniques and trends by following the #ppcchat conversation on Twitter. You can read the streamcap at any time, but if you wish to get involved, you will need to show up on Tuesdays at 12PM EST.

5. Go Prepared to Ask Questions

When an interviewer gives you the time to ask questions, they are actually giving you control of the conversation. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

Asking questions enable you to know more about your role or company so you can decide whether it is a good fit for you or not. It is also an opportunity to exhibit to the interviewer that you have done your research and have prepared for this interaction.

Avoid telling the interviewer that you don’t have any queries to ask under any circumstances. This is a huge red signal for employers. Employers want interactive candidates who are dedicated to learning more about the position.

The five tips given above will be likely to assist you in snaring the PPC job interview and get the PPC job of your choice.

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