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How to Plan Your Link Building Strategy?

Link Building comprises of a set of techniques used to earn links to a particular website in order to rank it higher on the search engines and also to get indirect referral traffic. Link building is an art and patience is a along with creativity are major parts of this strategy. This post would share some useful tips on how to plan a future proof link building strategy that can earn lots of backlinks and citations.

Planning a Future Proof Link Building Strategy

Here are few tips to plan a future proof link building strategy:- 

Stick to Your Industry

Links that are relevant to your industry are like gold for your site. The more industry associated backlinks you are able to gain for your site, the better it is. Best way is to make a list of all the top sites related to your industry (not exactly your competitors, they are tons of other sites as well) and apply creativity as to how can you approach them to get a backlink. Sometimes they must be having a resource page in their website and a simple request mail specyfying them about your company can get you a backlink.

Think out of the Box

Think creative and find new and natural ways of getting a backlink. Some good ideas are sponsoring any event, creating some widgets, creating infographics etc.

Promote Your Brand Offline

Don't just think of promoting your brand online, think of it promoting it offline too. Distributing pamphlates, buisness cards, billboards, newspaper advertisements can all help to increase the visibility of your brand. Increased visibility means there is a chance of getting a natural backlink.

Get Media Coverage

Proper media coverage is essential to make the brand look trustworthy and relevant in the eyes of Google. Remember, Google tries to deliver the best possible results to its users and it determines importance based on the brand value and coverage it receives. Hence, having media power work for your business is strongly recommended.

Increase the Number of Google Plus Authors Sharing Your Brand

Google Plus has become a part of Seo and it cannot be ignored. Having high author rank authors talk about your brand is a great way to earn reputation and authority for your site.

Offer Something for FREE

A proven way to receive FREE publicity for your brand is offering something for FREE. People love the things or services offered to them at no cost and if your business can leverage on this, it can fetch some real quick links to your site.

Take the Help of Social Media Websites

Social Media promotion must go parallel with the searchengine optimization work. In this socially active world, it’s foolish to lag behind simply because your brand has no effective social presence. Seo in 2013 requires citations as well as backlinks in order to make your site popular. Hence, effective social presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. is necessary to increase the social value of your brand.

Use Every Existing Resource

Every existing resource of link building should be utilized effectively. It’s better not to rely on a single strategy but instead use each and every resource.

Get Industry Recognitions

If you are doing seo for a website that has various industry recognitions associated with it then you need to get all those industry recognitions. These are invaluable and trusted backlinks.

Use Link Bait

Plan a link bait for your website and implement it accordingly. This is by far the best way to gain backlinks to your website.

Increase Sharability of Your Site

Make sure your website has social sharing buttons available from each and every webpage. This would help to increase the number of social shares and being visible on social media can fetch you some indirect backlinks. It’s never to miss a strategy.

Create Engaging Content on a Regular Basis

Content is God of Web. Every engagement on the World Wide Web revolves around good content. So, make sure your website has quality, original and reliable content which answers the user’s query. It is also important to create engaging content on a regular basis. You can do so by adding a blog in your website and posting some informative content in it regularly. This would increase the number of pages in your website and indirectly increase the chances of getting  a link.

Create Viral Stories

Viral stories are most linked to content on the web. If you are able to create something viral then you have striked gold. You may do so by constantly writing about latest news that happens around your industry .

Following the guidelines given above would help to get quality, relevant and natural backlinks to your website.

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