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How to Find Out The Best Day of Organic Conversions Through Analytics

Google Analytics is a storehouse of data that can be refined and filtered as per your own needs. The amount of data extraction that you can do via Google Analytics is virtually unlimited. Today, we are going to discuss a case of E commerce store which is desperately trying to find out the day when the maximum number of conversion happens through organic searches.

Dimension Used: Day of Week Name 

Day of Week Name displays the days of the week. Possible values are Sunday through Saturday.

Metrics Used: Organic Searches and Goal

Organic searches displays the number of organic searches that occurs within a session.

Goal displays the total number of conversions assigned to the goal.

First of all, create a new custom dashboard and provide a name for it.

Click on table and choose "Day of Week Name" from dimensions and "organic searches" along with your specified "goal" from the metrics.

Click on save and you will be able to see the day when the maximum number of organic conversions happens.

Keep an eye on this dashboard to see how user purchase pattern changes with days of the week. 

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