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Google Introduces Trash Can To Restore Your Lost Analytics Data

When was the last time you accidently deleted a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account? Till today, there was no feature available to pull in the lost data but starting today, Google Analytics has launched a new feature known as the Trash Can that will allow users to restore the data that they delete accidently. 

Where to Locate the Trash Can?

Trash Can can be found under the Administration tab. Just go to the admin tab, select an account, and click the Trash Can feature on the left-hand panel. It gets displayed under the accounts section. Check the data that you wish to reclaim, click “Restore, and done! Your view, property or account is now just as it was before you deleted it. 

When Will It Get Activated?

This feature has been activated on all GA accounts starting from today i.e. 28th January, 2015.

How Long Will The Lost Data Remain In The Trash Can?

The lost data will remain safe for 35 days from the day you originally trashed it. After 35 days, say a final goodbye to your data.

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